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Chinese food


The Chinese dining hall is magnificent, equipped with central air conditioning and computer based song ordering. The banquet hall can accommodate over 500 people dining at the same time, making it an ideal dining hall for large banquets.


Various luxurious private rooms have been added on the second floor, with an elegant style. Equipped with a sofa, TV, bathroom, and central air conditioning. The facilities are perfect, no box fees are charged, the service is first-class, and there is no service fee charged.


The dishes are delicious, with excellent quality and reasonable price, enjoying great value and endless aftertaste. Where to find Chaocai cuisine, Annam cuisine excels. With the reputation of being a "famous dish, chef, and restaurant", Annan Hotel promotes Chaoshan cuisine culture, innovates through the old, and transforms everyone's "reputation" into a praise "reputation", which is our highest pursuit.

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Address:Entry of Annan Road,Chao an Lounty

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An Nan Hotel is a comprehensive business hotel which is built under national standards. It is located at the intersection of An Nan Road, Chao An County, Chaozhou City, Guangdong Province. It lies in urban of Chao An , and is close to Chaoshan Road, which enables it to enjoy a good location. It has both outer and inner parking lots, and enjoy a noble and grand view.
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